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About Our Clinics

The principle clinic of Living in Faith is located at Roche Blanche, Croix-des-Bouquets. This clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 2 PM. The phone number is 3337-0542.

This clinic is housed in a modern, well equipped facility. Patients examined for distance glasses or other conditions of the eye have the following equipment available for evaluation and treatment:
  • Auto refractor/keratometer
  • Tonometer Pen
  • Non contact Tonometer
  • Slit Lamp
  • A-scan
  • Phoropter
  • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscope
It is at this principle clinic where cataract surgeries are performed by US-trained Ophthalmologists in high quality surgical suites.

Our other basic exam clinic is located at Thomazeau.
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Haitian Eye Clinics


Living in Faith brings the healing gift of sight at five locations in Haiti. This is a ministry to improve the vision of Haitians so they can see the beautiful things God has created.

At each of the vision centers, a basic eye exam is given. Those persons who would benefit from reading glasses and sunglasses are offered glasses. In addition, eye wash is available for relieving itchy, scratchy eyes. For those patients who need correction for distance vision, records are maintained and they are called when exams are offered to determine the best prescriptions.

Referrals from medical teams for patients they encounter with eye problems are welcomed!

Test are given to determine the best lens for single distance vision or for bi-focal. All glasses are made from new material specific to meet the patient’s needs.

Patients are evaluated for high intraocular pressure which is one indication of possible glaucoma. Blood pressure checks are taken and patients are referred for a blood pressure consult.