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Our supply line

Our Mission Teams could not do their work without an effective supply line. The prayers, funds and participation of our supporters make all of our work possible.

The most important member of our team is you. Living In Faith could not exist without the generous support provided by individuals who believe in our mission.
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Our Team

Living in Faith is a very lean organization. There is no receptionist, there is no donor relations professional, there is no marketing staff. Our efforts are focussed on doing God's work. Our newsleter is written by our field team. Volunteers help with administrative tasks. This website was created and is maintained by a volunteer. But there is no lack of accountability and control.

Russ Montgomery

"God made us neighbors, and he expects us to care for one another."

Russ Montgomery comes from a background with experience in Administration and Sales. He gave up a career in sales to become a full-time missionary in 1998. Russ made this career change after having experienced a mission trip to Cuba in 1995 and asked the Lord to use him. Not knowing Spanish or the culture, Russ took the bold step to travel to Cuba alone in 1996 and met with church leaders who gave him the encourgagement to begin the ministry.

Milca Quintana

"We give thanks for all those who care, and those who come to Cuba to share the Love of Christ."

Milca is our Project Coordinator and Overall Administrator. Prior to coming to the United States in 2015 she was our Coordinator in Cuba. Both her father and mother are retired pastors in Cuba. Milca attended seminary, graduating in 2003. Milca also continues to coordinate our mission trips to Cuba, identifying those projects which can best benefit from the ministry of Living in Faith.
We also maintain a presence in Cuba and continue our work between mission trips.

Juan Carlos Santo

"The clean water we provide can be the gift of life."

Juan Carlos is our expert plumber in Cuba. Service to the Lord runs deep in him. Juan Carlos and his wife, Yordania, are both children of pastors. He was a plumbers apprentice for 10 years, and has now has his own plumbing business. Juan Carlos installs new water purification systems with our mission teams, and maintains the water systems that have already been installed. He is the face of the Woman at the Well project in Cuba.